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paul west - vocals

born: april 5, 1966

former bands destiny (journeyish) severe hit (high schoolish) modern touch (80's ish geez) cryin shame (coolish)

influences- anything that made me feel. music has helped me through downs and joined me in ups. if is good i like it.

fav.bands- all with talent. i like a broad range. stevie wonder, aerosmith, lenny kravitz,puddle of mud

fav. author- john irving

political- i have kids and my own business, figure it out

likes- chasin my kids, watchin my oldest crack heads on the football field, tasting life with my wife and the whole golf-sports-eating-friends thing

dislikes- anyone who lies to me, uncle sam in my pocket, being flashed during one of our shows (wait- that is a like, never mind) if you want to know more, come see us and we will have a chat. if not, come see us and hear some good music and dance like nobody is watchin'

Elliott Watts - Guitar, Vocals

Born January 10, 1966

Former Bands :
Destiny 1979-1980
Roundabout 1980-1981
Severe Hit 1981-1985
Susan Marshall
and the Searchers 1989-1991
Right Side Up 1993-1994
E Watts Project 1995-2000

Influences: Aerosmith, The Who, Van Halen,

Favorite Band : Winston Wolf

Mike Harrell - drums
a.k.a. - Thunder Sticks
Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 15 lbs heavier than in college
College: Tennessee
Prior bands: No Idea, Glass
Other: One-time feared fantasy football owner, 6-handicap in golf (probably much higher now)
Drum equipment: Mapex (Mars series) 11-pc set (including cymbals). Zildjian cymbals.
Favorite bands: Tool, Sevendust, Jane's Addiction, A Perfect Circle, Disturbed, Rush, Dream Theatre, Foo Fighters
Influences: Rush, Dave Matthews, Soundgarden, Tool, Iron Maiden, plus all the great music
in the last couple of years reviving rock.
Most common activities: Giving musical education to Elliott, defending myself against aging
bandmates that claim I play too loud, designated driver for alcoholic guitar player, yearly whining
about UT's offensive gameplans, chasing my kids and obeying my wife.
Likes: College football, my family, domestic beer, yardwork, western USA, vacations
Dislikes: Rap music, taxes, Enron, Hillary, Memphis, drivers from Marshall Co., MS, Channel 3 weatherdorks
Political: Conservative
Donations to the "Mike Harrell Drum Fund" are very much appreciated and encouraged.

Bryan Hodges - Bass, Vocals

Born: July 03, 1967 in Little Rock, Ark.

Other bands: Stomock, Kingpin

Favorite bands and Artists: The Beatles, The Who, Kings X, Fishbone, 24-7 Spyz, Victor Wooten, Ross Rice, Soulhat

Pete Townshend, Matthew Sweet, Yoko Kanno, Foo Fighters, John King

Favorite Authors: T.H. White, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dan Simmons, George R.R. Martin, Andrew Vachs

Bass Gear: Modulus Quantum 5 string bass, Hamer 8 string bass, SWR sm900 amplifier, SWR Goliath Senior 6x10 cabinet

SWR Goliath 2 4x10 cabinet

Political: Devil's Advocate

Likes: Watching television with my girlfriend and letting her pick the shows because she always likes good stuff, going to Jackie Chan

or Ahnold movies with my folks, writing and recording music on my computer, playing violent video games, cranking up the volume on my bass rig

Dislikes: A cymbal crash, hard snare hit, or feedback directly in my ear, being in the middle of yet another Watts-Harrell "debate", dyed blondes, silicone

anywhere other than in a computer chip, 80's music, Memphis drivers, reformatting my hard drive.